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5 things you can do when you're leasing that you can't when buying

Leasing is on the rise,  not only does leasing a Car or Van give you the freedom to enjoy the latest and most innovative vehicles on the market but there is a long list of why leasing is the way forward.  So we have listed 5 things that we think are the best points about leasing a vehicle...

1. Top spec cars for a low price

Leasing a car offers a luxury many of us thought we could never afford to enjoy: being able to drive off the forecourt in a top of the range vehicle. This is because the upfront costs of leasing are significantly lower than buying a car outright, with a small initial rental to make and then a monthly rental payment that is which is often tailored to your requirements.

2.Change your car every three years

The Majority of leasing deals are based on a three-year lease, meaning you could drive a new car every three years, without the hassle of settlements and selling your car on the used market. This is a great option for those who love to drive a new car regularly and the process is generally a smooth one, with your current vehicle essentially being swapped for a newer model and the monthly rentals continuing to come out of your account.

3. Enjoy a vehicle under warranty

Having warranty means mechanical repairs should be covered by the manufacturer, so you don’t need to stress over the bill! This is great news because sometimes vehicles can just go wrong and you could find yourself scrambling to find the cash, on top of trying to build up your savings again after purchasing an expensive new car. Ensure you check what is covered in the warranty as it varies by manufacturer.

Stress Free! No need to worry about depreciation

Depreciation is the main issue when it comes to purchasing vehicles, it affects all cars differently but everyone knows once you leave the garage the car will have already lost some value. However, with leasing you can drive your car without the worry of how much it’s worth when you want to get rid of it!

Build up your credit rating

Monthly rentals on a finance deal are a great way of building up your credit rating and something you can’t enjoy when buying a new car. Regularly making those repayments will boost your score, meaning it will be easier to get credit in the future whether that’s for a bank loan or just a standard credit card

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Posted on 6th June 2018 at 3:34 PM

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